The new Pirelli Cinturato Gravel RC tire has a mountain-bike inspired tread for aggressive gravel racing

Pirelli has announced the Cinturato Gravel RC, a gravel racing tire with a cross-country mountain biking tread.

The tubeless-ready Cinturato Gravel RC is an updated version of the Cinturato Gravel M, a tire designed for muddy conditions.

The Cinturato Gravel RC’s tread is less aggressive, but retains relatively tall, widely spaced shoulder knobs alongside a smoother center pattern.

Pirelli claims the Cinturato Gravel RC is nearly as fast as a road tire, yet more resilient.

Pirelli says this design originates from its Scorpion XC RC cross-country mountain biking tire.

In addition, Pirelli claims the Cinturato Gravel RC contains the SpeedGRIP compound, allowing you to “easily tackle every surface, from asphalt to gravel to off-road”.

The compound is nearly as durable as that used in its mountain bike tires, according to Pirelli.

The brand also says the compound provides “excellent grip on wet surfaces and a reduction in rolling resistance very close to that of a pure road tire”.

The TechWall Gravel layer is said to be protective and runs through the tire.

The Cinturato Gravel RC is claimed to be stronger than other tires in the brand’s gravel range to “face the toughest tests and sustain the watts expressed even by gravel professionals”.

Pirelli says the tire’s 60 TPI nylon casing contains a layer called TechWALL Gravel. This runs from bead to bead and is claimed to protect against cuts without adding rolling resistance.

If tan sidewalls aren’t your thing, there’s black on black too.

The Cinturato Gravel RC tire is available in 700c x 35mm, 40mm and 45mm sizes, with either black or tan sidewalls. It weighs a claimed 510g in 700c x 35mm.

Unlike with the Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M tire, there does not appear to be a 650b size option.

The Pirelli Cinturato Gravel RC costs £60.99 / €69.90 / $84.90 / AU$120.90 in 700c x 35mm and 40mm. The 700c x 45mm option costs £62.99 / €70.90 / $86.90 / AU$126.90.

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