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Partnership to Globally Expand Robotics Solutions – IoT World Today

Guardforce AI teams with FLAIR as part of the company’s ongoing expansion plans

Security solutions provider Guardforce AI is collaborating with Hong Kong Industrial Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center Limited (FLAIR) to bring its pipeline of Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions and AI cloud platforms to global markets.

Over an initial period of two years, Guardforce AI will have access to FLAIR technology to develop and roll out customized robotics services, with a specific focus on logistics.

The partnership comes as part of the Hong Kong government’s broader plan to increase the region’s status as a tech and innovation hub, as well as Guardforce AI’s plan to establish a research and development center in Hong Kong and increase its market presence globally.

“Within the past 24 months, we have been rapidly expanding our RaaS platform from one market to 10 markets, including Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Dubai, Australia, Japan and the US, to meet the growing needs of our clients and partners,” said Olivia Wang, CEO of Guardforce AI.

Getting involved with a truly innovative R&D center will strengthen our ability to build a successful ecosystem surrounding our robotic solutions and will help boost our ability to develop better RaaS solutions that will be specifically tailored to the requirements of local markets,” she added.

The news follows the company’s announcement earlier this month that it is opening new offices in Tokyo and San Francisco to meet growing demand in these regions for automated robotic services, responding primarily to pandemic-related labor costs and demand for contactless services.


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