Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Actor Campaigns for Marvel’s Wolverine Role

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Actor Jon McLaren is campaigning to play Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprise critical darling last year, but it failed to be the big financial hit that something like Marvel’s Spider-Man managed to be. It was praised for its gameplay, but it really received the most acclaim for its beautiful story and even better characters. It felt like it belonged within the James Gunn films, without completely ripping them off. The cast also did a beautiful job of emulating the characters while making them their own. The writing was so strong, that a writer for the game went on to work for BioWare to help write the next Mass Effect game.

Although the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy games remains unclear, Star-Lord actor Jon McLaren wants to play another Marvel hero. The actor took to Twitter to campaign for the role of Wolverine in Marvel’s Wolverine. It was announced in 2021 that Insomniac Games would be working on a new Wolverine game, something that caught fans off-guard. The developer is also working on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but the Wolverine game was a well-kept secret. As of right now, no one has been announced as Wolverine, so there are a handful of notable video game actors like David Hayter vying for the role. The game has no release date, so it’s unclear if any casting has been done for the game quite yet.

Major actors like Taron Egerton are also campaigning to play Wolverine in the MCU, but it’s unclear if or when the character will be integrated into the films. There are very few details about Marvel’s Wolverine but Insomniac has promised the game will be “mature”, likely suggesting it won’t shy away from the heavier themes revolving around the character. Fans are also hoping that this will lead to another violent Wolverine game in the vein of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Only time will tell how it turns out, but it seems like the game is in safe hands.


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