Gran Turismo 7’s Next Update Arrives July 6 – GTPlanet

Gran Turismo 7 image via A Higher Place.

A new game update will be available for Gran Turismo 7 this week, according to an in-game announcement and post on the official website.

Although the precise language of the announcement varies depending on where you view it — and from where you view it — it refers to “game update maintenance” on the Gran Turismo 7 servers. This only occurs when there is also a game update due.

The full text of the in-game announcement reads “At the following time, we will perform general bug fixes and game update maintenance on the ‘Gran Turismo 7’ servers”, with the maintenance commencing at 0600 UTC on July 6 and lasting for two hours.

Any update will become available during that window, but players will not be able to boot the updated version of the game until the maintenance period ends — aside from limited access to Arcade Mode and Music Rally.

Given the nature and timing of the announcement, it’s unlikely that this will be a major update with new content. These tend to come with more fanfare, a teaser from Polyphony Digital founder Kazunori Yamauchi and, as we’ve seen so far, towards the end of each month.

That means it’s probably a minor update intended to address some of the game’s “Known Issues”, which include persistent multiplayer lobby problems and a recent bug affecting the Logitech G923 wheel controller.

The most recent update, v1.17, also introduced an issue which sees vehicle brake calipers turning green, along with other… less troublesome issues.

We’ll have a more information on the update when it arrives tomorrow, including a full list of changes.

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