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There’s one secret boss in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC. Use this guide to learn how to defeat this special DLC boss and claim your prize. Note that as a secret boss, it must be unlocked in order to find it. This can be done by solving the Graveyard Puzzle.


After pressing the three tombstones in the right order to complete the Graveyard Puzzle, the tombstone in the middle will start emitting light. Interact with it to jump into the secret boss.

You don’t need to have the Broken Relic equipped while doing this puzzle. You just need to have it purchased in order to interact with the tombstones.

How to Defeat The Secret Boss in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course

The secret boss in Cuphead’s DLC has a unique gimmick when compared to all the other ones in the game. You’ll start a battle against one angel and one devil while walking to the right, but they will change appearances as soon as you move to the left.

The thing is, the direction in which your character is facing will change which boss is the devil — the only figure that will receive damage. The one that is an angel will be invulnerable but it won’t deal damage to you as long as it remains that state.

However, you can see that it will throw projectiles continuously — they look transparent. These will become hostiles as soon as you change direction, so beware of doing that while being near these balls.


The enemies can throw from two to five balls in a row. You can check their heads’ movement to know when they will throw you, but this is pretty fast and hard to notice, so you should avoid trying to predict when the projectiles will end.

This fight would be much easier if this was all, but naturally, things will get complicated pretty fast. Both the angel and the devil figure can summon a beam that will go through the arena, from one side to the other (depending on who summoned it).

As long as the angel is the one throwing these beams, you won’t have any problem because they will do no harm, but the devil will also throw them from time to time. This will obligate you to move in the opposite direction, at least for a few seconds, in order to avoid the hostile beam by turning it into a friendly one.

It’s important that you quickly check your environment and spot any projectile around, whether it’s transparent or already hostile, before changing your direction. It’s pretty easy to get hit while getting distracted due to the beam.

Last but not least, there will be a cloud floating around during the whole fight. You’ll have to jump over or dash (with invulnerability) under it from time to time because it will always have lighting below it.

You can equip the charm Smoke Dash with Cuphead or Mugman to dash through this and all the other projectiles in this battle. The next best option is to play as Ms. Chalice and use her invincible ground roll, but keep in mind this doesn’t work in the air.


Even if the cloud seems like an extra nuisance at first view, it actually can be one of the best tools you can use during the fight. By being on it, you’ll be transported from one side of the stage to the other, missing a lot of projectiles in the way without even doing anything.

Of course, there will be balls that will hit you if you don’t move, and you still have to deal with the beam, but the cloud will avoid most dangers for you and leave you in a good spot for shooting any of the two figures. Use this while paying attention to the incoming projectiles and you’ll nail the boss fight as soon as possible.

Once you have defeated the secret boss, your Broken Relic will turn into a Cursed Relic. This item, while equipped, will make you have only one life during battles and also Change your weapon randomly every few seconds. Definitely a reward for those who want to go over all the bosses in the game and have an extra challenge.

The Cursed Relic also unlocks new songs while it’s equipped. You’ll be able to hear more scary tunes as you play.

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